The Sunday Class in Putney Leisure Centre is closed.

Whilst this was a very hard choice to make, there simply haven’t been enough people training consistently. This means its almost impossible for me to plan lessons.

I’d like to thank everyone who has trained with me over the last 6 years. I have loved seeing people develop and sharing the art I love. I have been lucky enough to meet and train with a whole host of awesome people and have seen some students learn the entire system in there time training at our classes.

Much love,
Dan Knight

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Welcome to the Putney Martial Arts site

Our martial arts class teaches a Chinese fighting style called Wing Chun. The focus of the lessons is on practical self defence

Grandmaster Kwok and London Sifu Dan training Chi Sau

Try a free Lesson

We offer a free first lesson to everyone who is interested in our class. That means new students can try out Wing Chun and the way we teach for free. There is no need to book, just turn up to our Sunday Lesson and give it a go.

Class Price

Your first lesson is FREE.

Why not try it out and see what you think? After that lessons are £5 pay as you go. You can also by a 10 lesson pass for £45.

Class Times & Location

Our Wing Chun School teaches every Sunday at 7pm - 8:30pm

Big Hall (on the left)
Putney Leisure Centre,
Dryburgh Rd
, Putney,
, SW15 6JA.

Reasons to join our Wing Chun Club

Get Fitter & Faster

Martial arts, including the pad work we teach will help make your body fitter and your mind react faster.

A martial arts kick being defended with Wing Chun

London instructor Dan Knight is helping Master Kwok teach kick defence.

Authentic Wing Chun

Our club can trace the teaching all the way back to Ip Man and the founder of the martial arts style Yim Wing Chun.

Wing Chun Kung Fu students paying respects at Ip Man's tomb

Grandmasters Ip Ching and Sam Kwok paying respects to the late Ip Man during the Hong Kong martial arts trip in 2007.

Practical Self Defence

We will teach you to overcome stronger opponents with technique and movement rather than brute force.

Self defence against a knife

For self defence to be effective it has to be simple. We teach you all aspects of self defence including weapons defence.

Have Fun

Treadmills aren't fun, learning a practical new skill with exciting people is. Including training holidays to Portugal.

Training Wing Chun on a beach as part of the training holiday

Martial arts training camps run by the Sam Kwok Wing Chun Association are great fun.

Train with Grandmasters

Students at the club get to train with Master Sam kwok once a year in London and there are trips to Hong Kong yearly.

London classes are taught in Putney by dan knight who is training with master Kwok

Dan Knight and Master Kwok doing Chi Sau at the London 2011 seminar in Putney London.

Professional Instruction

The club instructor is qualified to the highest level in the Sam kwok Martial Arts Association and is a BCCMA Coach.

Putney Martial Arts Instructor doing the weapons form

The instructor at the Putney class has studied and completed the whole Wing Chun system including the traditional weapons forms.

Useful info

If you want to try a free Wing Chun class there is no need to contact the instructor before hand, just turn up on the Sunday at the Lesiure Centre.

Please also read our FAQ to get a quick answer to any questions you have.

Coach Details

If you do feel the need to speak to the class instructor before hand please call text or email using the following details:

Mobile: 07828032433

Send us a message


The Putney class is CLOSED