Wing Chun Dummy Form

This page outlines the Mook Yang Jong or wooden dummy form part of the Wing Chun syllabus

Key objectives

Improve Yiu Ma (power from the waist). Teaches the student the correct distance to attack and defend at with Wing Chun. Learn some additional techniques like kicks. Learn good structure in techniques. An added benefit is that it will condition the forearms.

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Video of the Mook Jang Jong

This video is a place holder while I film a better version. You can use the links below to watch Ip Man do the from as well.

Mook Yang Jong, Wing Chun's dummy form

The purpose of practising with the wooden man is for training in techniques... The point of training with the wooden man is that its distance from you is fixed, which helps when you learn the correct fighting distance between you and your enemy. Ip Chun

The form makes up an important part of the Wing Chun learning curve. The dummy form is often said to contain the fighting techniques of the Wing Chun system. This does not mean to say that the techniques learned in the 3 empty forms are not for fighting or combat, the difference is application. The empty hand forms have to be applied to a situation and cannot always be performed exactly as they appear in the form whereas the techniques in the Dummy form are performed against the 'Jong' or dummy, and therefore are being practiced in a way that applies them directly. This is because the techniques are performed against the physical arms, legs and body of the wooden dummy.

The advantages of training on a wooden dummy are, that it can be hit as hard as the practitioner wishes, it can be trained on for long hours whereas a live partner might get bored. Also as the Dummy does not move much, the practitioner learns mobility while circling around the dummy in conjunction with blocking and striking hand techniques.

Perform the Mok Jong in the Air Wing Chun Kuen Kuit - Mo Yat

The Forms' Structure


A photo run through of the form

The following photos are designed to help students learn the form. Please practice the order at home so exact positions can be leared in class.

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