Biu Sau technique

Biu Sau or forward moving hand, is the key techniques used to cover high swinging punches


The main objective of this part of the syllabus is to learn how to do a good Biu Sau.

Biu Sau is one of the most effective ways to deal with a hook, hay-maker, or straight punch. It is very practical and flows quickly out from a guard.

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Video of Biu Sau

The following video of the Biu Sau technique show how it can be used to deal with both straight and swinging punches from your opponent. Biu is ideal for punches aimed at the head and neck. Strikes to the lower body should use a different technique to cover.

Info about Biu Sau

You can perform a Biu Sau and turning punch on the inside of an opponent's hook (or hay-maker) or on the outside of an opponent's straight punch. This makes the Biu Sau and turning punch a very flexible technique.

The Biu Sau involves making a "salute" motion towards your opponent's attacking arm. It is necessary to use your Yiu Ma (turning stance) in order to perform the technique correctly. Yiu ma can be seen in the first section of the Chum Kiu (the second hand form), where the hip is used to drive the turn of the whole body. This turning motion will help keep the Biu Sau effective and add power to any counter punch you throw with the Biu Sau.

What is expected in the grading

You will be expected to demonstrate the technique against hooks, hay-makers and straight punches. To do well you should throw a simultaneous attack when dealing with swinging punches. Turning and Yiu Ma is also essential to get the technique efficient.

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