Dealing with a straight punch

How to use Wing Chun to cover a straight punch to the upper body or head


The main objective of this part of the syllabus is to test the students ability to deal with a straight punch aimed at the head or upper body.

It is vital the student can apply the Wing Chun they learn. To do this well the student must understand the core principles of Wing Chun. The two principles that are essential here are redirecting, and not using force or strength to deal with the attack.

Methods for dealing with straight attacks

Wing Chun techniques need to come instinctively and automatically if they are to be used successfully for defence. Here the student trains to deflect or cover attacks to the head and upper body.

The student should react with a suitable block and / or counter to the attacks. For example, there are a number of hand techniques that can be used including Pak Sau, Jut Sau, Biu Sau and Tan Sau. Students should aim to become comfortable using each of these against a serious punch.

What is expected in the grading

At the grading, the student will be tested by having an instructor or a suitable partner throw a variety of straight punches at head or upper body hight. The student must be able to perform more than one hand techniques to effectively protect themselves. Counter attacks may be added where suitable.

Stepping and turning should be combined with the techniques to make them more effective. The student must deal with several punches using both their left and right hand. The punches will be fast and powerful, but they will be telegraphed to make it easier as this is a beginner grading.

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