Pak Sau technique

Pak Sau or slapping hand, is one of the key techniques used to cover straight attacks


The main objective of this part of the syllabus is to learn how to do a good Pak Sau.

Pak Sau is a simple and effective technique, that is ideally suited to cover straight strikes to the head and upper body. The key to a good Pak Sau is deflecting the punch.

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Video of Pak Sau

The following video of the Pak Sau technique show how it can be used to deal with straight strikes from your opponent. Pak Sau is ideal for punches aimed at the middle of the body or higher.

Info about Pak Sau

Pak Sau or slapping hand as it translates from Cantonese, is a simple but effective Wing Chun block that is used to redirect your opponents punches past the body. It should be an adaptation or refinement of a natural reflex.

Pack Sau uses the palm to guide incoming punches past the body. When doing a Pak Sau keep your thumb in against the hand. The Pak Sau should never go out further than needed to push the punch past the body. Use foot work and turning to make the technique more effective. It is important to ensure you try to block further up the opponents arm (towards their elbow). This ensures you have more control of the attacking arm and the opponent. It also means they cannot use their elbow to block or counter, something which is possible if you connected the Pak Sau at their wrist.

What is expected in the grading

You will need to block a succession of straight punches using the Pak Sau technique. At this early stage in the system you and your training partner will simply face each other square on. Your partner will punch towards your face with alternating hands, not full speed or full power. You must use Pak Sau's to redirect the punches safely away. You may also be asked to deal with one more powerful punch that is trown with a step in.

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