Tan Sau technique

Tan Sau or receiving hand, is one of the core Wing Chun techniques used to cover mid level attacks


The main objective of this part of the syllabus is to learn how to do a good Tan Sau.

Tan Sau offers an effective way to deal with mid level straight attacks. It is very practical and flows quickly out from a guard.

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Video of Tan Sau

The following video of the Tan Sau technique show how it can be used in 3 different ways. You can Tan Sau on the inside or the outside. and when on the outside the student can use the insider or outside of the forearm. Tan Sau is ideal for strikes aimed at the upper torso, but is less idea against head hight punches.

Info about Tan Sau

The Tan Sau sometimes spelled Tann Sao is one of the main basic positions in Wing Chun, and translates to mean 'receiving hand.' It features predominantly in Sil Lim Tau (the first empty hand form). The technique involves keeping correct elbow position and alignment, relative to the opponent. It is important that the Tan sau has forward movement, so that it meets and deflects an attack.

Using your yiu ma (turning stance) energy will improve the results of this basic block. Yiu Ma can be seen in the first section of the Chum Kiu (the second empty hand form), where the hip is used to drive the turn of the whole body. This turning motion will add power and strength to the Tan sau, and also make deflection much easier. This is because you are turning your body away from the threat, while also deflecting it in the opposite direction, sharing the required evasion over two movements acting simultaneously. Turning also helps add power to any simultaneous strike you deliver with the Tan Sau.

What is expected in the grading

You will be expected to demonstrate the technique against straight body level punches. To do well you should throw a simultaneous attack this is called Tan Da (meaning Tan and hit). Turning and Yiu Ma is also essential to get the technique efficient.

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