Wing Chun Lesson Information

Our martial arts classes teach Wing Chun in Putney, London. Below details all the Lesson times and information

Putney students Adam and Cisco training Wing Chun self defence

Try a free Lesson

We offer a free first lesson to everyone who is interested in our class. That means new students can try out Wing Chun and the way we teach for free. There is no need to book, just turn up to our Sunday Lesson and give it a go.

Class Price

Your first lesson is FREE.

Why not try it out and see what you think? After that lessons are £5 pay as you go. You can also by a 10 lesson pass for £45. Come along to our Wing Chun school on Sundays.

Class Times & Location

We teach every Sunday at 7pm - 8:30pm.
There is also an extra advanced class

Dryburgh Hall (on the left)
Putney Leisure Centre,
Dryburgh Rd, Putney,
London, SW15 6JA.

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Frequently asked questions

What should I bring to my first lesson?

The first lesson is free, so just bring a bottle of water and wear some loose fitting clothing like you would wear to the gym. If you enjoy the first lesson come back again and you can pay as you go from then. See next question.

How much do lessons cost?

The first lesson is free. After that Sunday lessons are £5 pay as you go or £45 for a 10 lesson pass. 10 lessons passes do not expire. A 10% student discount is available.

What other costs are there?

Martial Arts Insurance can be purchased through the club if required (optional). T-shirts can be brought for £10 if you want one. Sparring Gloves are required for light sparring, these can be brought on-line, in sports stores or from the instructor.

Can I get private lessons?

The short answer is no. The instructor works full time and can only commit to the Sunday class. However we do have an advanced class for dedicated students who want extra training. See next question for more info.

What is the advanced class?

On certain weekdays from 8-9:30pm there is an advanced class in Isleworth. The class is free, but students must know the Chum Kiu form in order to train. Spaces limited. More information.

Can my children attend the class?

We only have adult classes so we set the age limit at 15. If you child is younger we will consider them for training if: 1. They have a partner at classes (parent or friend). 2. Want to learn themselves and 3. Are prepared to train with adults.

Contact Details

If you want to try a free Wing Chun class there is no need to contact the instructor before hand, just turn up on the Sunday at the Leisure Centre. If you do feel the need to speak to the class instructor before hand please call text or email using the following details:

Mobile: 07828032433

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The Putney class is CLOSED