Advanced Class Information

The free mid week class is for more advanced students and is held in Isleworth

Putney students Adam and Cisco training Wing Chun self defence

What is the advanced class?

This class is intended to help more senior students progress. It's vital students have a solid foundation wing Wing Chun before attending the advanced class, otherwise you may slow down fellow students.

The advanced class is free, but students must know the Chum Kiu form in order to train. Spaces limited to around 6.

Where and when is the next class?

The next potential class is Thursday the 9th of July at 20:00 - 21:20

Meet at the entrance to Thornbury Playing Fields, in Isleworth, highlighted on the map.

Please message the instructor on the day if you're training, details below.

Expected weather

Classes will go ahead unless there is heavy rain expected. Sparring will only be on dry days. Bring dry clothes for after, in case we train in light rain.

The weather forecast for the next training session is as follows:

broken clouds

Broken clouds

Wind speed 7.35

Forecast for 2020-07-09 20:00:00

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Want to train something specific?

Please email / text the class instructor if you have something specific you want to work on during the advanced lessons. We have all equipment like long pole, Wing Chun swords and wooden dummies readily available.

Mobile: 07828032433

Topics for the next lesson:

Sparring classes are in the park. Chi Sau & Wooden Dummy practice will be done on the the instructors roof nearby. The on we will cover the following:

- Wodden Dummy Form.
- Chi Sau.

The Putney class is CLOSED