Martial Arts Photo Gallery of Wing Chun

A photo gallery showing Wing Chun photos from the London students and instructor

Master Samuel Kwok and London Sifu Dan knight

Photo Gallery

Below are a selection of photos of instructor Dan's training in the martial art of Wing chun taken over the years, along with pictures from his students training on the various association training trips. We have trained with various Martial arts inctructors and taught in various schools over the years.

Bruce Lee Hong Kong Statue Chi Sau Practice 2011 Chinese Martial Arts School Demo Choi Li Fut Club Demo Dan And Sam Chi Sau 2010 Dan And Sam Kwok Wing Chun Weapons 2006 Dan Bart Cham Dao knife Form portugal 2011 Dan and Grandmaster Kwok Portugal 2011 Fan Lin Temple Hong Kong Night Harbour Image From Pearl River News In China 2010 Instructor Certificate For Dan Instructor Dan His SiFu SiGung And Kung Fu Brothers Instructor Dan Teaching TKD Self Defence Ip Ching correcting position on dummy Ip Man Tomb Fan Ling Hong Kong 2007 Knife Defence Demo Lancaster 2005 Lap Sau From Master Kwok London Instructor Leads Sil Lim Tao Demo Martial Arts Kick Defence China 2010 Martial Arts Showcase Demo In The Rain Push Kick Defence With Student Sam Kwok And Dan Chi Sau China 2010 Sifu Kwok And SiGung Ip Ching 2007 Hong Kong Sisco and Sifu Kwok Putney 2011 Training Martial Arts On The Beach VTAA Code Of Conduct Wing Chun Demo China 2010 Wing Chun Knife Defence Womens Self Defence Class changing the angle everyone in mallorca 2007 group photo london chi sau seminar cropped knife defence demo Ip Man Tong China 2010 light sparring compertition master kwok and ciny train on the beach 2012 pole training 2012 putney student training inPortugal 2013 sam kwok gaun sau sifu antonio and sifu dan light sparring tan da first section of the wooden dummy form
The Putney class is CLOSED